Лук тонко-молотый Regal Onion Powder - 4lb\1,814 kg

Наличие: 3
Производитель: Regal Spice
Вес: 1.81кг
851.13 грн.

Лук тонко-молотый Regal Onion Powder.

Масса нетто: 1,814кг (4Lb.)

Упаковано в США

Кошерный продукт.

Add a kick to signature dishes at your restaurant or pizzeria with Regal onion powder.

Whether you own an Italian restaurant, pizzeria, or bar, Regal's onion powder is sold in 4 lb. quantities and is a flavorful and effective substitute for fresh onion. This ready-to-use product offers a sweet yet pungent flavor that is sure to add something special to your signature dishes. The powdery texture of this item also makes it perfect for bread, marinades, or with your favorite vegetables. Additionally, the fine, flour-like texture of onion powder blends with other ingredients more uniformly than larger granules of product.

  • Orthodox Union

    Orthodox Union

    This item is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Disperses in Liquids

The powdery texture of granulated onion allows it to quickly dissolve and disperse into liquid. This makes it perfect for use in your favorite soups, stews, and chilis.

Saves Prep Time

Because this product is already ground and ready to go, a few shakes of the container will quickly and efficiently season your food. Dehydrated spices also last longer than fresh ingredients and are easier to store, making them the perfect addition to any busy, high-output kitchen.

Versatile Ingredient

Commonly used in Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, or Italian cuisine, onion is a staple in many popular dishes across the world. Granulated onion is similar to garlic, but has a much sweeter and milder taste.

Regal Spice Brand

Regal Herbs and Spices are a smart addition to any kitchen. This handy 4 lb. container is easily accessible for your cooking and seasoning needs. 



Лук тонко-молотый Regal Onion Powder - 4lb\1,814 kg
Модель: RglOnionPwdr1,8
Производитель: Regal Spice
Вес 1.81кг

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