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Слайсер для прошутто\мяса Berkel 300M 12" Prosciutto Meat Slicer (№ 300M)

Слайсер для прошутто\мяса Berkel 300M 12" Prosciutto Meat Slicer
Наличие: Предзаказ(доставка 4-6 недель)
Вес: 70.00кг
253,970.41 грн. 284,355.01 грн.


Слайсер для прошутто и мяса 


Berkel 300M 12" Prosciutto Meat Slicer

Знаменитый голландский бренд. Слайсеры от Berkel-это икона стиля и качества.

  • Тончайшая нарезка мяса, сыра, прошутто.
  • Нож из уникальной carbon steel.
  • Встроенная двойная подточка ножа.
  • Механическое вращение и подача нарезки.
  • Тончайшая подстройка нарезки. 
  • Летящий стиль вращения и контроля нарезки.
  • Удобная очистка.
  • Классический- винтажный стиль.
  • Сделано в США
  • Гарантия 3 месяца.



Slice ultra-thin pieces of delicious prosciutto, signature meats, and cheeses right before your customers' eyes with this Berkel 300M prosciutto slicer! This model pairs the precision of a 12" diameter hollow ground chromium-plated carbon steel knife and low-resistance flywheel with a classic design and bright red color. 

Perfect for serving and preparing a wide variety of menu options, this slicer accommodates food up to 7'' high by 8 1/2'' wide. An integrated precision system provides slice adjustment and consistent cuts of hot or cold meats from "tissue thin" to 3/16''. A rear ring guard will protect against the non-slicing portion of the knife, while a built-in single level dual-action knife sharpener ensures safe use each and every time. For added protection, a product clamp holds your prosciutto securely from the top, and the product is fed toward the knife automatically after each stroke for easy operation. A rear knife guard also keeps the user from sustaining any accidental cuts during use. 

The slicer makes for a functional addition to any restaurant, deli, or bistro, as well as a great display piece when slicing prosciutto and other items. In addition, it is easy to disassemble and clean without tools.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 31 1/2"
Depth: 23 1/2"
Height: 22"

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  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • 12'' hollow ground chromium-plated carbon steel knife
  • Low-resistance flywheel for easy slicing
  • Integrated precision system can adjust for consistent cuts from "tissue thin" to 3/16''
  • Built-in single level dual-action knife sharpener
  • Product clamp and knife guards ensure safe use
  • Attractive, bright red coloring
  • Perfect for restaurants, bistros, delis, and more


Слайсер для прошутто\мяса Berkel 300M 12" Prosciutto Meat Slicer
Модель: 300M
Производитель: Berkel is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group LLC
Вес 70.00кг

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