Горчица желтая классическая Heinz Yellow Mustard 369гр. Upside Down Squeeze Bottle

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Производитель: HEINZ North America
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Горчица желтая классическая Heinz Yellow Mustard 369грамм(13 oz.) Upside Down Squeeze Bottle

Настоящий американский Heinz.

Сделано в США и именно для американского рынка.

Производство HEINZ

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 Product of the USA

Кошерный продукт.

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Drizzle Heinz yellow mustard over hamburgers and hot dogs, and give your customers the timeless condiment they crave! Using only the finest ingredients, Heinz makes their yellow mustard from a rich blend of tart vinegar, mustard seed, spices, and of course, turmeric, which gives mustard its eye-catching bright yellow color. Though yellow mustard tastes milder than some other forms of mustard, its slightly tangy and savory flavors add extra zest to deli meats, cheeses, pretzels, and much more. Use this yellow mustard, and treat your patrons to the classic taste they grew up with and still love! 

For over 140 years, the Heinz company has been committed to environmental sustainability, community outreach, and great-tasting condiments. This all-natural yellow mustard has a smooth, even consistency for marinades and sauces and a cool, crisp taste that spices up any salad or sandwich. 

Trust Heinz for your condiment supply, and stock your pantry with Heinz yellow mustard. Serve these upside down squeeze bottles on your tabletop, and the gluten free mustard is sure to keep all of your customers reaching for more. Since these user-friendly bottles have a convenient top-down design and non-removable cap, they will reduce mess and easily dispense mustard every time. 


Горчица желтая классическая Heinz Yellow Mustard 369гр. Upside Down Squeeze Bottle
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Производитель: HEINZ North America
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