Гриль-коптильня -керамическое яйцо Kamado Ceramic Egg Charcoal Grill and Smoker B-series на подставке из нержавеющей стали на роликах.

Наличие: 2
Производитель: Vision Grills
54,121.50 грн.

82,621.50 грн.

Гриль-коптильня -керамическое яйцо 

Kamado Ceramic Egg Charcoal Grill and Smoker B-series

с 2-я цельно-деревянными, сьемными столами и подставкой из нержавеющей стали на роликах с фиксаторами.

Чехол для гриля- в комплекте.


Размеры- L 29 x W 51-1/2 x H 47 (73.66см Х 130.81см Х 119 см)


Жарочная поверхность двух решеток- 604 sq. in.( 0,39 м2)

Универсальность гриля- позволяет использование его как 

  • BBQ-гриля
  • печи для пиццы
  • коптильни.


Experience the ultimate grilling experience with the Vision Classic Kamado. A BBQ Grill, Pizza Oven and Smoker all in one. The Classic turns the everyday griller into a master chef each and every time! The ceramic body acts as a convection oven, retaining heat like no other charcoal grill, allowing the moisture to stay in your foods while searing and smoking.



Looking for the best Kamado with the most to offer? The Vision Grills Classic B-Series Kamado Grill is it!

Included with every grill is:

  • Drop-Down Wood Side Shelves
  • 2-tier Dual Flip Stainless Steel Cooking Grates (604 sq. in. of cooking space)
  • Stainless Steel Cart
  • Cape Style Wrap Around Grill Cover

With the Calibrated Top and Bottom Vents and Integrated Temperature Gauge you'll become the most celebrated chef in town for easy repeatable grilling. Since the ceramic body is pre-assembled, the rest of the assembly is approximately 20 minutes.

This grill sizzles with excitement, bringing the family to the backyard for unbelievable flavor and fun! Imagine, taking the work out of grilling and putting the flavor back in the food!




  • Pre-assembled Ceramic vessel
  • Tw0-tiered cooking grates
  • 596 sq. in. stainless steel dual flip grates with handles for ease of adding charcoal and smoking wood chunks
  • Grill/Smoker Fuel Type: Charcoal — lump charcoal always recommended
  • Calibrated aluminum alloy top vent with Bakelite tab for cool-to-thetouch adjustments
  • Branded Temperature gauge
  • Ergonomic easy-to-read thermometer with cooking temperature zones
  • Stainless steel shock absorber for lowering lid
  • Stainless steel pre-assembled spring assist hing and banding
  • 2-tier stainless steel dual flip cooking grates with handles & 604 sq. in. cooking space
  • Solid wood dual drop down side shelves with polyurethane finish
  • Calibrated bottom vent
  • Top draft vent
  • Stainless Steel Cart
  • 2-locking caster wheels
  • Branded full length cover with side velcro wrap for easy on/off

Assembled Size

L 29 x W 51-1/2 x H 47 (with Side Shelves engaged)

182.5 lbs.


Гриль-коптильня -керамическое яйцо Kamado Ceramic Egg Charcoal Grill and Smoker B-series на подставке из нержавеющей стали на роликах.
Модель: 00340
Производитель: Vision Grills
Размеры (Д х Ш х В) 73.66см x 130.81см x 119.00см

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